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ID-10089144On May 9th, Nebula Ensemble will be giving the premiere performance of “The Man with the Good Face,” an operatic fable by Sarah Perske and Nathan Cornelius. The opera tells the story of James Neal, an aficionado of the human face who retouches photographs for a living and dreams of finding a face that reflects a purely good character. When James finally sees such a face one day on a passing light rail train, his everyday commute is unexpectedly transformed into a journey of romance, tragedy, and redemption.

Cornelius and Perske’s re-telling of this obscure yet brilliant short story by Frank Luther Mott puts a 21st-century twist on a timeless tale, and draws inspiration from the sights and sounds of the RTD Denver light rail. The May 9th performance will take place at Syntax Physic Opera at 6:30pm, and tickets are on sale at

Check out the Facebook event at, and stay tuned for further details as the performance date gets closer!


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    My colleague Nathan Cornelius and I are in the process of writing a chamber opera called “The Man with the Good Face” that will be premiered by Nebula Ensemble at Syntax Physic Opera on May 9th. Writing the libretto and music of this opera has been an incredible learning experience that I hope to share more about in a future post. Information about the 5/9 performance and the plot of our opera appears below.


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