Nebula Ensemble Introduces Kids to New Music

Educational concerts Spring 2015 1On May 21st, 2015 Nebula Ensemble launched its Educational Program with the performance of two concerts for the students of El Sistema Colorado program at Swansea Elementary School and Garden Place Elementary School. “Our El Sistema students at Garden Place Elementary thoroughly enjoyed the interactive musical performance that the Nebula Ensemble provided,” said teacher Megan Moran. “Nebula’s performance was accessible, creative, educational, and well-paced for our students.”

The goal of Nebula’s educational program is to inspire elementary school students by introducing them to the exciting world of “extended techniques,” unconventional methods of playing instruments often used by contemporary composers to obtain unusual sounds. Conductor Kornel Thomas and the musicians of Nebula ensemble demonstrated these techniques in short pieces of popular music composed by Jasper Schmich Kinney especially for these educational outreach events. Teacher Alex Vittal was enthusiastic about Nebula’s approach, noting that “Mr. Thomas asked the musicians of Nebula leading questions that made the sounds, techniques, and individual instruments of the players come to life in a fun and educational way. The students stayed fully engaged in the presentation and really enjoyed learning about the wonderful music Nebula performed.”

Educational concerts Spring 2015 2

Swanesa Elementary School teacher Jamie Wolf also praised the program, saying “our students loved the Nebula Ensemble workshop! As a teacher, I appreciated the opportunity for my students to focus on the creative process, extended techniques, and composing…It was fast-paced and engaged the students with specific things to look and listen for.  All our students wanted the musicians’ autographs afterwards!” Nebula Ensemble will continue this educational program in future seasons. If you would like to see Nebula Ensemble at your school, contact Ensemble Manager Victoria Vanest at


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