Augustin Braud’s Vantablack

p < f: social dynamics is just two days away! Come hear us perform Augustin Braud’s Vantablack for solo horn and three instrumental groups this Saturday, October 15th.

Augustin Braud Square CropAugustin Braud: “Vantablack is the blackest substance known, absorbing up to 99,965% of radiation in the visible spectrum. The idea of a sole element “hiding” all the light made me think about a concertante piece. I chose to gather my piece around a solo horn: the large range of the instrument, as well as possibilities of microtonal inflections and a large array of timbral choices were a crucial factor in designing the musical material. The ensemble formation was determined by Kornel Thomas’ suggestion that I write for the full Nebula Ensemble. I had to find a solution to deal with a pretty exotic set of instruments, so I decided to split the ensemble in three groups of four musicians, echoing each other but also joining forces…” Read More