Make Music Great Again

We’ve never performed anything quite like this new piece by Jasper Schmich Kinney (aka THE LIVELY ROBOT), but we’re confident that our performance will be the greatest thing ever. Come hear it on our October 28th concert, VERSE//CHORUS//NOVA!

Here’s what the composer has to say about the work:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the United States of America, most distinguished master president, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Donald Trump. Get ready to make America great again: we are about to get down to some bumpin’ Trump Funk, a new genre of popular concert music pioneered by the lively robot. TRUMP THE FUNK OUT is a set of seven funk, hip-hop, and pop tunes, with our commander in chief as the lead vocalist. Now, Trump may not be as sexy as Adam Levine or Katy Perry, but for what he lacks, he makes up in charisma, stamima, and vocal agility. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but please remember to tweet out #music2MAGA.”