Verse//Chorus//Nova: Photo Gallery

Our October 28th concert was one of our most exciting and well-attended yet! We performed an eclectic batch of pop-influenced works by composers Edmund Scott Miller, Stephen Bailey, Sarah Perske, and Jasper Schmich Kinney.

Photos by Marilyn Brock

Jackson Polcaro, Calvin Green, Olympia “19” Vida, and Ryan Spencer perform Edmund Scott Miller’s “At that point again.” Click here to watch the composer talk about the piece.

Kyle Hughes, Sarah Perske, and Zachary Larson perform selections from Perske’s forthcoming album “Ancient Dreams and Visions.” Click here to hear rehearsal clips and the composer’s thoughts on the piece.

Calvin Green, Stephen Bailey, and Emily Gradowski performing Bailey’s “Rain Bell.” Click here to learn more about Bailey’s piece.

Jackson Polcaro, Calvin Green, Olympia “19” Vida, Ryan Spencer, and Zachary Larson prepare to perform Jasper Schmich Kinney’s “TRUMP THE FUNK OUT.” Click here to watch  a clip from the accompanying film.

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