Mirror Age: Poppet with Nebula Ensemble

When: Thursday, 11/30/17,  7:30 PM
Where: Massif Studios, 2191 South Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80210
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On November 30th, Nebula Ensemble is joining Poppet – the alter-ego of California raised musician Molly Raney – for an unusual collaborative concert featuring musical works, installations, and film.

Here’s what you can expect to experience, in Poppet’s words:

A music video premiere. A record drop. A mysterious figure laden with birds. Artificial landscapes. Live video editing. Virtual Reality. Sincerity. A reflection through an age of mirrors. A caged human mind, exposed.

A multi-verse performance featuring the musical works of Poppet, Jasper Schmich Kinney, and Stephen Bailey, with installations by Mark Fitzsimmons, Drew Austin, and Marianna Crespin and film by Daniel Sharkey.

Limited tickets available via Brown Paper Tickets online starting 11/10 @$15/ticket. Online sales end 11/26. Tickets will be available at the door @$20/ticket. Reserve now! You will only gain entry with a ticket. All proceeds go to artists and performers.

For more information about Poppet, visit http://www.poppet.us


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