Composer Spotlight: Carlos Bandera

Meet Carlos Bandera, one of four composers who will be featured on our February 24th concert, Renaissance Time Lords!

Carlos Bandera “is fascinated by musical architecture and by the music of the past. His recent music explores these fascinations by often placing a musical quotation, be it a phrase, scale, or sonority.”

With these interests, Carlos was a perfect match for our Renaissance Time Lords project. His new work in pace, written specifically for Nebula Ensemble, is “an attempt to obtain a feeling of tranquility while also looking back to and deconstructing Orlande de Lassus’ motet for three voices of the same name.” Click here to learn more about Carlos Bandera’s Renaissance-inspired piece for Nebula Ensemble, read more about the composer here, and have a listen to his in distans below for a taste of the haunting sonorities that characterize Carlos’ work:

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