Adam Hooper

Adam HooperSonic Storyteller Adam Hooper was born in the year of the Gold Monkey. Although his musical style is reflective of the chaos of a monkey house, he finds great pleasure in silence and solitude. Adam is a graduate of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs’ interdisciplinary Visual and Performing Arts program in Music Composition and Sound Design. He also holds an AAS in Visual Communication and Graphic Design from Pikes Peak Community College.

For the love of music, Adam is involved in the Colorado Springs music community as an educator, improviser, composer, and conductor. This includes a full time appointment as choral accompanist in the Widefield School District and mentor at the Colorado Springs Conservatory. His purpose is to share the unspoken philosophies of sonic storytelling and create a local legacy of musical significance.

His more impactful compositions include Lullaby for Terrorists (2016), Empty Classrooms (2014), and a live documentary experience Amache: Silent Imprints (2013). When the lights go out and the curtains close, Adam can be found at home drinking tea with his wife and rolling around on the floor with his daughter.

To hear more of Adam’s music, please visit his YouTube channel.