“Ciatu was inspired by a traditional chant from Sicily. The original melody though doesn’t appear openly in the piece. It haunts my work: it is everywhere and nowhere. I studied the song and I observed it as if under a microscope: melodic gestures, intervallic relationships and individual sounds (also in their harmonic structure) constitute therefore the root of my work.
I used also the text of the Sicilian chant, but not entirely. I’ve chosen the following verses:

DSC01467Breath of mine soul, I think of you every time

I can’t love another creature
because I’m out of my mind for you

In my heart there is your figure.

I’ve elaborated the text with a series of repetitions so that I’ve obtained a dramatic text, in which the actor stages – like in a monolog – this story of great love. After an instrumental introduction, music dialogues with words and at the same time it broadens the meanings of them. The original Sicilian text ends with a farewell, I haven’t used final verses, nevertheless a melancholy tone is present in music.
I was born in Sicily, but for work I live in another place; this piece is for me, a kind of tender greeting to my land.

– Marco Spagnolo