Interactive installation

fFfeeEEeeDddBbbaaAAcccccK #1

Audience members act as performers and composers in this unique multimedia sound installation created by Jasper Schmich Kinney. When you arrive at the concert hall, you will receive a set of instructions to move or walk around based on what you hear in the music. Your movements will be captured by phones (programmed to function as live streaming webcam devices) held by “cameramen” located throughout the concert hall, and these visuals are processed and displayed on a screen on the stage. Here’s a video that demonstrates how this visual aspect of the installation will work (starring Jasper Schmich Kinney, his dogs, and a presidential candidate as “audience members”):

The performing instrumentalists onstage will have musical instructions based on the videos that appear in the red, green, and blue columns on the screen. Their music reacts to these processed visuals, and the changes in the visuals cause changes in what the instrumentalists are playing. As the audience listens to the music and responds with corresponding movement, the cycle of fFfeeEEeeDddBbbaaAAcccccK continues. Celebrate when the piece ends: applaud for your fellow performers and composers, and of course, applaud for yourself. Prepare to have fun and unleash your inner composer!

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