Julia Emery



Boulder-based cellist Julia Emery greatly enjoys collaborating and performing with a variety of artists and ensembles in the Denver-Boulder area, spanning a wide range of artistic interests, backgrounds and mediums. Her love of both traditional and nontraditional musical and artistic styles has led her to collaborate with a variety of ensembles, including Sound Circle a capella Ensemble, Briah Danse, Sound Circle Eurythmy, and Nebula Ensemble.

Julia graduated in 2013 from the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music with a Bachelor’s degree in Cello Performance, under the primary tutelage of Professor Richard Slavich, followed by a continuation of private study with Boulder-based cellists Elle Wells, and Dr. Charles Lee. Julia also completed a Performance Certificate in 2016 at the Lamont School of Music, under the guidance of Professor Matthew Zalkind.

Beyond playing music in the concert hall, Julia has also been deeply involved for many years in both music education and using music as a means of both communal and social outreach and connection. These interests have led to participation and collaboration with the Denver-based Playground Ensemble’s Educational Outreach Program, as well as the cultivation of a private studio spanning both the Denver and Boulder areas. She has also been actively involved in performing for communities of elders, as well as for individuals who are sick and dying. These communities have included the Presbyterian St. Luke’s Hospital Oncology Wards in Denver, the Boulder Senior Center, and clients of Windhorse Elder Care.

Ultimately, Julia aspires to use her love and knowledge of music as a way to help others through difficult times in their lives, and as a means of bringing artists and communities together from a variety of traditions and backgrounds.


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