Kyle Hughes


14176432784_42346dea85_oKyle Hughes is an audio engineer and classical percussionist who strives to capture the beauty in music through his recordings and performances. His twin passions for technology and percussion have driven him to be very active in the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music, where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree in audio production and sound recording. He has studied with Michael Schulze, Joel Kline, John Kinzie, Tina Gugeler, Anna Provo, RJ Heid, Jacquelin Herbein, and Brian Coiner. An in-demand musician, Kyle performs in many ensembles including the Lamont Percussion, Steel Drum, and Ghanaian Drumming ensembles, as well as the Modern Hue new music ensemble, the Lamont Wind Ensemble, and the Lamont Symphony Orchestra. Outside of Lamont, he performs with the Mile High Opera and most recently Nebula Ensemble. In addition, Kyle has distinguished himself by performing new music written by student composers, including “Of Ancient Dreams” by Katerina Therianos. In 2015, two of Kyle’s ensembles took first and second place in the Lamont Chamber Competition.

In order to fully embrace music, Kyle has dipped his toe into as many facets of the music world he can find, and he hopes to continue discovering new ways to create, share, and love music. His search has led him to explore different ethnic and world instruments such as steel drums, hammered dulcimer, bohron, and Ghanaian hand drums. His recording experience includes: head engineer for Nebula and Modern Hue ensemble recordings; assistant engineer for Linda Wang’s CD recording session; student engineer for various Lamont Jazz combo recording sessions. He has five years of experience running live sound for different churches. Kyle currently works as an independent audio engineer, recording classical and modern music ensembles, and as a sound tech intern at Presbyterian Church of the Covenant, where he provides live sound mixing for choir and small group worship. Kyle also works as a music engraver and arranger, having arranged music for marching band percussion, percussion ensemble, and steel drum ensemble. During the summer, he is a Percussion instructor for the Franklin Regional Marching Band’s pit percussion, where he aims to demonstrate the wondrous world of percussion to his students.



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