Marco Spagnolo

Meet 2017 Call for Scores Winner Marco Spagnolo! Spagnolo’s composition Ciatu for flute, clarinet, trumpet, violin, cello, and percussion was selected as one of two winning pieces for Nebula Ensemble’s 2017 Call for Scores. Ciatu will be premiered at our June 2018 Festival.

Marco Spagnolo was born in 1978. He attended the Institute of Music History of the University of Palermo, and studied composition with Federico Incardona. Spagnolo participated in workshops held by Helmut Lachenmann (1999), Henri Pousseur (2001) Sylvano Bussotti (2002)at the Achille Peri Institute of Reggio Emilia, and attended the Master Class of Interpretation Live Electronics held by Alvise Vidolin and André Richard (Venice, December 2003). The Secretum Sextet for Francesco Pennisi was his first piece performed publicly (Festival of the Twentieth Century, Palermo, 2001). In the same year, his composition Studio Homaggio Robert Bresson was selected and performed at the “Compositori a confronto” event organized by the A. Peri of Reggio Emilia institute. From that moment he has devoted himself to composition and musicology. After graduating under the leadership of Paolo Emilio Carapezza in Palermo with a thesis on the latest works by Luigi Nono, Spagnolo obtained his Ph.D., studying under Amalia Collisani at La Sapienza University in Rome. In 2012 he published the volume Federico Incardona: The Great Melody (published by L’epos). His research has also been published in scientific journals and by the publishing houses Duepunti and Rai Trade.


Since 2005, Spagnolo has been a member of the Music Laboratory at the Aglaia Department of the University of Palermo. He has been the organizer of several projects dedicated to contemporary music, including Ritratti (Palermo, December 2007) and Della notte e della giovinezza (Palermo, May 2010), where he served as coordinator and as artistic director respectively. In 2011, he moved to Milan where he has collaborated with several artists, devoting himself to the composition. In February 2016, as part of the festival Sulle ali del Novecento (Brescia), his composition was performed by the Dedalo ensemble directed by Vittorio Parisi. In October of the same year Hommage for piano and violin was performed at the University of Palermo and published in the miscellaneous volume Le cadeau du village: music and studies for Amalia Collisani. Spagnolo currently teaches at Galileo Galilei’s advanced school in Crema.