Reconstructing Apoptosis at the Denver Art Museum

When: Friday, February 26th, 6:00 – 10:00 PM
Where: Denver Art Museum
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Nebula Ensemble will be performing Sarah Perske‘s Reconstructing Apoptosis at the Denver Art Museum’s “Homegrown” Untitled Final Friday event, accompanied by a new video montage by Katie Caron.

Russo_Caron 2

Reconstructing Apoptosis was inspired by Katie Caron and Martha Russo’s massive installation apoptosis, underwritten by the Denver Art Museum and named for the biological process of cell death that paves the way for new growth. As I worked to musically “reconstruct” Caron and Russo’s monumental artwork, I asked myself what the installation would sound like if it were alive, or if it were a giant musical instrument. In keeping with the death-rebirth theme of apoptosis, Caron and Russo kindly let me borrow ceramic pieces from the original installation to re-use as percussion instruments. The sung text is drawn largely the artists’ statements, as well as the performers’ reactions to seeing the installation for the first time.

– Sarah Perske

Photo by Jeff Wells