Renaissance Time Lords

Saturday, 2/24/18, 7:30 PM                                 Hamilton Recital Hall, Lamont School of Music                                         FREE ADMISSION

Early in the 14th century, lute strings made from a volatile extraterrestrial substance somehow find their way to Europe. Though identical to ordinary strings in all other respects (including the tendency to be always out-of-tune), these Strings of the Spheres have the power to transport the player to distant times and lands if just the right combination of notes are sounded in conjunction with a particular alignment of the stars. The result: a number of hapless Renaissance composers find themselves transported to 21st-century Colorado, where unknown dangers lurk behind green-leafed storefronts, strange sounds emerge from new instruments called “laptops,” and a rugged landscape of red rocks and ancient peaks seem to show them a perilous pathway back to their own time…