Soundpainting Workshop: Learn how to soundpaint!

Wednesday, 6/20/18, 6:00 PM Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church, Sanctuary, Main Building                       

Whether you’re a tone-deaf accountant or a concert pianist, this Soundpainting workshop will enrich your life! Soundpainting is a form of music-making where a Soundpainter (or conductor) teaches the participants a series of hand gestures that correspond to musical sounds. Bring your voice, your instrument (kazoo…Stradivarius…cardboard box…), and we’ll teach you how to Soundpaint! No prior musical experience necessary. Participation is free. Appropriate for all ages. A limited number of pianos and auxiliary instruments will be available for participants who are unable to bring an instrument.

This workshop is presented as part of Nebula Ensemble’s Summer Festival 2018. See the full festival schedule here. All events are free and open to the public!