Stephen Bailey

Operations Director, Composer


A fierce experimentalist, Stephen Bailey is a Colorado-based composer, instrument maker, and sound engineer. Stephen’s compositions embody a language which is deeply expressive and highly textural. This definitively contemporary language borrows techniques from composers of minimalism, sound mass, new simplicity, and post-serialism, integrating them and exploring their capabilities as tools for the expression of the realities of the human condition. The result can be both ecstatically serene and forcefully chaotic, both sumptuously beautiful and disturbingly ugly. Common topics for Stephen’s music include night, death, sleep, science, nature, and the struggle of human beings to relate to the world around them.

Stephen has been featured twice on the Playground Ensemble’s Colorado Composer’s Concert, and their 2013 New Creations concert. Stephen was also one of three composers featured at The Classical Salon at Dazzle Nightclub. His devotion to modern music has garnered him commissions from the MSUD Men’s Choir, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church, Modern Hue, and several Denver-area musicians and chamber groups. He has studied composition with composers such as Conrad Kehn, Fred Hess, Chris Malloy and William Hill. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree in composition from Metropolitan State University of Denver and a Master’s of Music in composition from the University of Denver.



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