Victoria Vanest

Ensemble Manager


Victoria Vanest is the Nebula Ensemble Manager. In addition to her work with Nebula, she is Assistant to the Director at the Lamont Pre-College Academy, a classical music intensive summer music program. She previously coordinated the music portion of the LYNX National Arts and Media Camps, an immersive summer music program for high school students. Victoria enjoys the supportive, behind-the-scenes work that helps make music happen.

She earned her B. Mus. in flute performance from the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver. A classically trained flautist and piccoloist, she has performed in halls such as the Frederic C. Hamilton Family Recital Hall in Denver and the Foundling Museum in London and has recorded with the Lamont Symphony Orchestra, Goldsmiths Sinfonia, composer Wes Devore, and Nebula. She will comlpete her M.Mus. at Lamont in 2017.



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